Varian 979 Helium Leak Detector


The Varian 979 is available as a standalone, bench-mount unit or as a single or dual, dry or oil sealed mechanically pumped leak testing station on a cart, using a rotary vane primary pump or dry scroll primary pump.  Large external primary pumps allow for fast pump down times.  It has a fully automated test cycle control, calibration, background suppression and protection from air-inrush and power failure.



Varian 979 Helium Leak Detector on Cart w/ Varian Triscroll pump

The Varian 979 Helium Mass Spectrometer Leak Detector is a portable wide range leak detector. It is comprised of a turbomolecular high vacuum pump, spectrometer tube, valve block, leak detector electronics and an operator interface in a rugged housing. It can be used in sniff testing mode and evacuation mode with both standard and high sensitivity.

Varian 979 Helium Leak Detector Features

  • Fully automated tuning and calibration
  • Touch screen interface
  • 50 segment bar graph indicator displays leak rates automatically
  • Minimum detectable leak – Standard Sensitivity is  5 · 10-10
  • Minimum detectable leak – High Sensitivity is  5 · 10-11
  • Response time less than .5 seconds
  • Multi-flow mode vacuum system

Varian 979 Helium Leak Detector Applications

  • Industrial Process Tools
  • Power Generation
  • High Energy Physics
  • Research & Development
  • Component Manufacturing


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