Tektronix MSO5054B Mixed Signal Oscilloscope


Mixed Signal Oscilloscope; Digital Phosphor, 500MHz, 5GS/s, 25M Record Length, 4+16ch, Certificate of Traceable Calibration Standard



Installed MSO5054B Options :

10RL: 125 Meg Max 125M/Ch
MTM: Serial Mask Testing
ASM: Advanced Search and Mark
LT: Limit Test
DDRA: DDR Analysis
SR-EMBD: Embedded Serial Triggering and Analysis (I2C, SPI)
MSOE: 16 Channel MSO
SR-COMP: Computer Serial Triggering and Analysis
SR-USB: USB Serial Triggering and Analysis
SR-DPHY: MIPI D-PHY (DSI1/CSI2) Serial Analysis
SR-810B: 8B/10B Serial Analysis
VET: Visual Trigger and Search
SR-CUST: Custom Serial Analysis
SR-AUTO: Automotive Serial Trigger and Analysis (CAN/LIN/FlexRay)
SR-PCIE: PCI Express Serial Analysis
SR-AERO: MIL-STD-1553 Serial Triggering and Analysis
TDSUSB2: USB2.0 Compliance Test Package
TDSET3: Ethernet Compliance Test Software
PWR: Advanced Power Analysis
DJE: Jitter and Eye Diagram Tools – Essentials
DJA: Jitter and Eye Diagram Tools – Advanced
USB3: USB3.0 Essentials
SLA: Serial Data Link Analysis Advanced – Legacy
PCE3: PCI Express Compliance Module- Deprecated
D-PHY: MIPI D-PHY serial analysis
M-MPY: MIPI M-PHY Essentials


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