TA Instruments VTI-SA+ Analyzer


The VTI-SA+ Vapor Sorption Analyzer is a continuous vapor flow sorption instrument for obtaining precision water and organic vapor isotherms at temperatures ranging from 5°C to 150°C at ambient pressure.



The VTI-SA Analyzer embodies the features of VTI’s original SGA design with almost two decades of field-proven performance: the isothermal aluminum block construction, the three isolated thermal zones and chilled-mirror dew point analyzer for primary humidity measurements… all to provide excellent temperature and RH stability.

In the VTI-SA Analyzer the sample and reference chambers are located within an aluminum block maintained at constant temperature (within ±0.1°C) by precise Peltier control elements. Our unique aluminum block design has two distinct advantages.

First,due to the high thermal conductivity of the aluminum, thermal gradients within the chambers are minimal. Secondly, because the chamber is a metal block, the issues of static electricity are eliminated.

This feature is especially useful when analyzing finely divided powders, as is often the case with pharmaceuticals. The sample temperature is measured with a highly accurate, calibrated platinum resistance thermometer. For pre-experimental drying of the sample, the block can be heated to 150°C using resistance cartridge heaters



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