T&R DVS3 MKii Relay Test System


The DVS3 is made to generate highly stable outputs and reduces distortion to maintain accuracy during a test. Users have full control over phase output with individually-adjustable controls for both voltage and phase angle available.



Key Features :

  • 3-f voltage output from 1-f supply
  • 0 to 133V f-N output voltage (292V f-N with VT box)
  • 45VA/phase maximum output
  • Variable frequency from 40 to 999.9Hz
  • Phase shift +180.0°
  • Multifunctional timing system with step change quantity selection
  • Ideally suited for testing G59 schemes
  • Step change of phase and df/dt
  • Large size backlit LCD screen#
  • Automatic mains voltage selection
  • 4mm safety sockets for phases A, B, C and neutral
  • Overcurrent and thermal output protection
  • Contact inputs protected by PTC thermistors
  • Fuse protection for phase lock and voltage input impedance protection
  • Earth terminal for connection to local earth
  • Pre-Fault –Fault –Post-Fault Mode – set three values in advance to apply to a relay in turn
  • Phase lock mode – use mains supply, external voltage or current to take control of frequency and phase

Included :

  • T & R DVS3 mk2 Relay Test System
  • Output Lead Set
  • Mains Lead
  • Spare Fuse Set
  • Operating Manual


  • Printer
  • Leadset Carry Case


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