PRÜFTECHNIK Optalign Plus Laser Alignment System


Take alignment readings with only 3 keys!



ALI 5.200-­S Optalign Plus Laser Alignment System

ALI 5.200 Optalign Plus Control Unit including stand
ALI 5.100 Laser Transducer, including dust cap
ALI 5.110 Prism, including dust cap
ALI 5.220 Serial/Parallel Converter
ALI 5.221 Printer Cable
ALI 3.581-­2 Receiver cable, 2m
ALI 2.891set Chain bracket set for shaft dia. up to 8-­1/2” Including 20 support posts, 1 set each of 300mm and 600mm long chains
Tape measure
Foam Insert
original combination lockable hard case


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