Noiseken ESS-S3011 Electrostatic Discharge Simulator


The Noiseken ESS-S3011 30kV ESD simulator system is the most advanced ESD immunity test solution on the market



The new ESD simulator is equipped with 3 pre-check functions; “high voltage power output check”, “insulation failure check”, and “discharge relay operation check” on the main body and discharge gun.You can prevent troubles such as failing to perform the test properly; if you did not notice the failure of the tester body or the relay inside the discharge gun has reached the end of its life.


● “3 pre-checking function” to ensure more reliable testing
● “CR constant indicator” to prevent incorrect unit attachment
● One-touch exchange of gun head and CR unit realized
● “Ten-key & Rotary knob” to ease the setting.
● “Infra-red Remote Controller” allowing setting remotely from the generator (Standard attached)
● “Discharge Detecting Function” to realize the air-discharge confirmation
● “Lightest discharge gun in the market” to lighten the continuous operation (Excluding the cable and connector)
● “White LED Irradiator” to facilitate the visualization of the discharging areas
● “Control Software” to enable the test result reporting and control with PC



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