FLIR M-Series Camera 625XP Thermal Imaging System


FLIR M-Series cameras come with a simple joystick controller that lets you quickly and continuously pan 360 degrees, tilt up or down 90 degrees, and digitally zoom to help you target areas of concern using your in-truck display system.



This vehicle-mounted TIC can help you quickly assess conditions as you approach a scene and upon arrival. See farther at night en route, detect the intensity of a fire from a safer distance, spot differences in temperature showing the presence of hazardous materials, visualize liquid levels in tanker trucks, look for victims ejected from vehicles, scan for skid mark heat, and locate the seat of a fire for initial attack.

FLIR M-Series Camera 625XP 432-0003-03-00S Thermal Imaging System 500-0385-00


  • Automatic window heaters keep both sets of optics free of ice to deliver crystal clear video
  • 2X and 4X e-zoom functions give the thermal camera best-in-class range performance
  • 3-year warranty for added protection when you register your M-Series
  • Simple Ethernet connections and IP addressability make the system simple to install and easy to control
  • Proprietary, patent-pending, image enhancement algorithms called Digital Detail Enhancement (DDE) let all of FLIR’s front-line products see more in the most challenging conditions
  • Standard video signal displays on any monitor with an auxiliary video input
  • Watch thermal and low-light video simultaneously on multiple displays or single multi-function display



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