Trimble Tablet With Hydro Pro Software


The Trimble Tablet was designed specifically to take on the perils of the construction job site. It is extremely rugged, with an IP67 environmental rating, long battery life and tough washable housing. Its design eliminates the need for a cooling fan and utilizes solid state disk drive technology so that it can withstand shock and vibration for operation on an all terrain vehicle or truck, and has fully sealed USB and serial communication ports. The tablet is protected by rounded rubberized bumpers, making it both easy to hold as well as providing protection for the computer.



The easy-to-use tablet PC with built-in cellular and WiFi connectivity allows construction professionals to quickly receive design changes or updates in the field and to deliver measurement or stakeout results back to the office for on-the-spot approvals. Connectivity gives field crews the ability to rapidly communicate on site problems, take corrective actions or provide information to the project engineers upon request. Trimble Tablet is at home in the hand, on a rod, in a supervisor’s truck or on a desk in the office, and through advanced office and vehicle docking stations can be moved quickly from one location to the next providing optimized use with computing peripherals such as keyboards, mice and large display monitors.

Comes with Hydropro USB Licence Dongle


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