Trimble Spectra Precision GL762 Dual Grade Rotating Laser Level


The GL722 laser level offers automatic temperature compensation for accuracy in changing environments. With two-way communication between the Spectra GL722 laser and its remote control, you can now change levels and read measurement information remotely.



The Spectra GL722 is a self-leveling construction laser with dual level capability, automatic axis alignment, level matching, PlaneLok, and complete radio remote functionality. With an operating range of up to 3,000 feet, the GL722 also includes a CR600 laser receiver and remote control. With the same basic range and capabilities as the Spectra GL720, the GL722 laser level has an X-axis level range of +/-10% and -0.5% to +25% on the Y-axis. Grade matching allows you to automatically match and display the desired grade. there, while PlaneLok virtually eliminates beam drift by locking the laser beam to a fixed elevation for increased stability and accuracy.

The product also is expected to be of interest to specialty contractors working on golf courses, racetracks, playing fields, parking lots, gas stations, landscaping, animal husbandry and large public works projects.



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