Olympus Panametrics Epoch 4 Ultrasonic Flaw Detector


Standard measurement features include DAC and TVG software, a 25 MHz bandwidth for thin material testing, a fast 60 Hz display update rate, a tunable square wave pulser for attenuating materials, and many other benefits for weld inspection, thickness monitoring, bond inspection, and crack detection and sizing.



Panametrics-NDT™ EPOCH 4B is a general purpose digital ultrasonic flaw detector that combines many practical features for flaw detection and thickness measurements, a rugged and splash proof housing, and a numeric datalogger. An intuitive direct-access keypad with fewer keys, easy thumb control of critical parameter settings, and convenient portability make the EPOCH 4B an excellent choice for inspectors who need an affordable and easy-to-use flaw detector.

The EPOCH 4B offers several software options. The narrowband filter option improves signal-to-noise ratio in high gain applications. AWS D1.1/D1.5 provides a “dynamic reflector” indication rating for various weld inspection classifications. The API 5UE software uses the Amplitude Distance Differential technique from API’s Recommended Practice 5UE to size cracking in OCTG pipe during prove-up. Echo-to-Echo provides true metal thickness measurements with no need to remove paint or coating. Other options include Low PRF, Expanded Memory, and Extended Range.


• Selectable, tunable square wave or negative spike excitation pulser
• Light, ergonomically designed (5.7 lbs./2.6 Kg)
• Fast, minimum 60 Hz display update rate
• High-power NiMH battery
• Large, bright, high-resolution ELD with full/split screen views
• Automated transducer calibration
• Display Freeze holds waveform and soundpath data
• Soundpath data viewable in inches, millimeters, or microseconds
• Basic DAC/TVG standard
• Peak Memory
• RF display mode
• Alarms, threshold positive/negative, or minimum depth
• Numeric datalogger
• Security Key enables remote upgrade of software options

Instrument software options (optional)

• Advanced DAC/TVG
• Expanded Memory
• Low PRF
• Echo-to-Echo thickness measurement
• Extended range
• Narrowband filters
• AWS D1.1/D1.5


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