FLIR identiFINDER (R400) Radiation Detector


The identiFINDER R400 provides operators the ideal balance of size and weight for a wide variety of monitoring scenarios including all-purpose surveying, emergency response, and environmental monitoring.



This is the high-end ULCS-NGH model variant:

UL = Energy stabilized using an LED light source combined with scintillator pulse width analysis

CS = Energy calibration is established and stabilized using an internal radioactive source (Cs-137)

N = 2 × 1.4 inch Sodium Iodide (NaI) scintillator detector for obtaining gamma-ray spectra

G = G-M tube capable of measuring gamma dose-equivalent rates of up to 1 rem/h

H = Optional He-3 neutron detector that provides a thermal-neutron detection sensitivity of 2.6 cps/nv


With over 20,000 devices deployed globally, the identiFINDER® R400 is the most widely deployed handheld radionuclide identification device (RID) in the world. It is used to detect, locate, measure, and identify radioactive sources and produces rapid visible, audible, and tactile alerts that expedite response measures.


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