Varian Spectra 55B Atomic Absorption Spectrometer


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Varian Spectra 55B Atomic Absorption Spectrometer

The double-beam 55B AA features an LCD screen and dedicated keyboard for simple, stand-alone operation. The 55B AA combines rugged, reliable hardware with an integrated software interface for fast, easy operation

Interface enables you to view and edit instrument parameters on-screen, ensuring fast, easy operation.
Complete results, including concentration, precision and replicate readings are displayed.
This allows you to confirm results as each reading is completed.
After calibration, you can view the calibration graph to check goodness of fit, or read absorbance or concentration values from the graph.
– can be used with the revolutionary SIPS (Sample Introduction Pump System). SIPS enables you to perform online calibration from a single standard and fast online dilution of over range samples.
– can also be used with Varian VGA-77 Vapor Generation Accessory to allow detection of hydride forming elements at mg/L concentrations.
– Options for automating the systems include fully automatic wavelength and slit selection simplifies operation, even for novice users
– dual fixed lamp positions that make lamp changes quick and reliable
– a ‘next lamp warm-up facility that saves analysis time
– Background correction

The high intensity deuterium background corrector features:
a fast 2 ms response time, ensuring accurate correction of transient background signals
the ability to adjust or replace the lamp without removing the instrument covers
-Wavelength Range185 to 900 nm
-Lamp TypeHollow-Cathode and Deuterium Lamps 2 Lamps-
-standard Vaporization Flame, Graphite Furnace (Upgrade)
inquire to confirm availability

Agilent SIPS Control Module included


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