Varian 500-MS LC Ion Trap IT Mass Spectrometer


For Sale!!! Varian 500-MS 500MS LC Ion Trap IT Mass Spectrometer




Varian 500-MS 500MS LC Ion Trap IT Mass Spectrometer

The Varian 500-MS LC Ion Trap is the instrument of choice for high-throughput LC/MS analysis where sensitivity, reliability and productivity are essential. The Varian 500-MS provides a robust platform for demanding LC/MS/MS applications. The system sensitivity, mass resolution, and mass stability re?ect the ion trap technology’s inherent advantages, while the new enhanced charge capacity extends the number of ions that can be stored in the ion trap resulting in greater sensitivity and reduced background while delivering reliable qualitative and quantitative results. By delivering excellent sensitivity over the entire mass range in full scan mode, and exceptional MS/MS and MSn capabilities, theVarian 500-MS quickly provides superior information for even the most complex sample matrices.” Sensitivity enhancements include SelecTemp™, the unique temperature programmable API (Atmospheric Pressure Ionization), enabling optimal analysis of thermally labile compounds. All of these technical capabilities lead to the remarkable performance and productivity delivered by the Varian 500-MS LC ion trap.


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