Thermo LTQ XL


Thermo Scientific Accela Systems provide a robust modular system with a large suite of
integrated features to increase application flexibility and efficiency, permitting full customization
for any laboratory.



Thermo LTQ-XL Accela 600 UPLC PDA LC-MS –Complete, Turnkey LC-MS/MS System

  • Thermo LTQ-XL Mass Spectrometer, 15 to 4000 amu / Da
  • MS/MS and MS/MS/MS – CID and PQD dissociation
  • Leybold SV65 vac pump – 1 year btw oil changes!
  • Thermo Accela UPLC:
  • 600 bar Accela Pump (8700 psi), built-in degasser
  • AutoSampler with Sample Chiller, Column Heater
  • Accela PDA detector, 200 to 800 nm
  • Dell control computer, Win 10 Enterprise LTSB
  • Xcalibur 4.2 SP1 control software


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