Beckman Coulter GenomeLab GeXP genetic analyzer


The GenomeLab GeXP supports a variety of applications, including DNA sequencing and fragment analysis. Furthermore, this flexible system allows you to run more than one application on the same plate and up to 192 samples unattended.



Beckman Coulter GenomeLab GeXP genetic analyzer

This is a GenomeLab GeXP genetic analyzer. Unit has had all gel lines replaced, electrodes replaced which are the metal versions sticking out, and been tested with a capillary array and gel cartridge. Unit comes with Win7 Pro 32-bit computer and monitor and GPIB adaptor as well as the latest software for Windows 7. Computer comes with keyboard and mouse and all necessary cables. Unit will be shipped in the same original shipping box used for these units from Beckman (SCIEX) as seen in pic above.

For research use only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.



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