AXION MAESTRO PRO Array Multiwell Cell Measurement System


Axion BioSystems’ Maestro Pro multiwell MEA system captures activity across an entire population of cells, with far greater data points per well, detecting activity patterns that would otherwise elude traditional assays.



The Maestro Pro multiwell microelectrode array (MEA) and impedance system is our most advanced offering, designed for the workload of larger labs. Record from our 6-, 24-, 48-, and 96-well MEA plates, and 96- and 384-well impedance plates.

Maestro Pro allows for non-invasive evaluation of your cells in an easy-to-use in vitro assay. Whether monitoring the intricate, electrical activity of excitable cells (e.g. neurons and cardiomyocytes), or tracking the growth and death of cancer cells, Maestro Pro allows you to investigate the functionality of your cells in a multiwell plate.



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