Rotek 800A Precision Wattmeter Calibrator


The Model 800A Power Calibrator is used for the calibration and testing of wattmeters and watt
transducers. The range of voltage available coupled with the high burden capability make it suitable
for a variety of different instruments.



The Rotek Model 800A takes the guesswork out of wattmeter calibration. Enter the voltage and full scale watts, and the current is automatically computed. Push the Operate control and the excitation is applied to the watt-meter’s voltage and current terminals. That’s all there is to it! With full-scale power accuracy of 0.05%, the Model 800A covers the range of wattmeters from digital and analog standards to portables and switchboards. The power factor and fractional setting allow easy examination of performance under a variety of different conditions. High driveability accommodates high burden single phase or three phase meters. The simple volts and watts entry, deviation error determination and the ability to be completely automated will increase throughput and reduce calibration costs.


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